Who are we ?

Created in 2014, ILG Consulting provides expertise in embedded and robotics fields. Expertise that came from research labs, used to working methods from large industrial groups, as well as the ones from start-up companies where agility and creativity are keys to success.

We help and support our clients with their projects, so that the system they get at the end is really what they needed.

Our role

Define the need

We will start by listening to you, in order to understand your job and you do need. Then we will help you define it more accurately by guiding you using functional analysis to define the expected functions, characterize them and prioritize them.

Writing requirements

That is the most important document of the project, the one used for the tender, to communicate with suppliers. It must describe the need without implying a technical implementation (that’s the role of the supplier).

Finding and choosing suppliers

Depending on the project, there is a large variety of suppliers. To be able to choose the right one, one has to speak their language, understand what they can do, and what they cannot. A technical knowledge and an expertise in a given domain allow to communicate on all details.

Follow up on realization

While the supplier works on the project, a follow up is required, to clarify requirements, to ensure that what is going to be delivered will match exactly what you had in mind. It also allows to check on project progress and to be proactive.

User Acceptance Tests

That’s the most important phase : it consists in verifying that the delivered system works as planned. Based on a test plan, provided to the supplier during the project, User Acceptance Tests validates the reception of the delivered system.

Fields of expertise

ILG Consulting is able to support your projects in the following fields:
Special machines
IoT - Internet of Things
Embedded systems
Mobile applications

Our references

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